Syringe Exchange program - Clallam Co. HHS

·          360-417-2274 (phone)  360-452-4492 (fax)

·          111 E. 3rd Street

·          Tues. 12:30 -3pm

·          Syringe Exchange Program: “We offer a Syringe Exchange Program to intravenous drug users. We operate a 1 to 1 exchange. For each used syringe brought in a sterile syringe will be given. The syringe Exchange gives us an opportunity to provide public health interventions to the drug users and offer additional services. The clients can get sterile syringes to prevent the transmission of blood borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. We assist with immunizations, medical referrals, HIV/Hepatitis testing, Naloxone and Case Management services for drug treatment.”