Clallam County Respite Center (pbh)

·        112 E 8th St : Located in the former St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store building

·        1-360-457-0431

·        This is NOT A SHELTER.  Service is provided to those who are deemed appropriate by staff. If you simply need a place to stay this is not the appropriate place to visit.  People who agree to stay cannot “come-and-go”.

·        This is a voluntary service hosted by Peninsula Behavioral Health for people who have come “undone” and are given a bed to recuperate. 

·        Drug use prohibited, smoking is allowed in allotted breaks.

·        Medicaid.

·        Ask for Crisis Response Services at the front desk.  Free but for Clallam County residents only.

You can donate (tax deductible) to PBH through Charity Navigator:


There is no “program” -  this is not a treatment program although there is a therapist who makes rounds in the morning to talk.  Clients are evaluated under some circumstances.  Some people in the center are detained under the Involuntary Treatment Act for 72hours.  If deemed a risk to the public or themselves police may be called.  Meals and snacks provided.  An agreement is signed to stay.