Healthy Families of clallam county – for victims of abuse only

·          1-360-452-3811

·          Office: 1210 E Front St. #C (in the same building as Domino’s Pizza).

·          Support Center. 1-360-452-HELP (1-360-452-4357) 24 hour crisis line, emergency and transition safe shelter for victims of domestic violence, support groups, counseling, and education, therapy and advocacy based counseling.

·          CRIME VICTIM ADVOCACY. 1-360-452-2381

·          Shelter applicants must be fleeing domestic violence or homeless due to domestic violence.

·          Potential shelter clients will meet with an advocate.

·          Location must not be disclosed.

·          Drug use results in expulsion from shelter.

·          Common areas shared in shelter.

·          Shelter priority for women with children.


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